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How to get more PokeBalls in Pokemon GO for free?

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You can get easily PokeBalls for free if you just have a patience to wait for a while. The best way to get more free PokeBalls is to visit PokeStops. PokeStops are landmarks in your area. They can be as insignificant as entrances of local restaurants or as important as statues.

PokeStops are floating blue diamonds on the world map. You have to physically walk to the PokeStop and when you are close enough to the PokeStop diamonds will turn into circular icons. Now you can interact with those icons. You can see a real picture of your location by tapping icon. The blue cube will change into a photo disc when you’re close to the PokeStop. Tap the disc to visit and inside you can see the photo of your location and a PokeStop symbol inside. Swipe on the disc to spin it and now you can get new PokeBalls and other items like Eggs, Potions and other useful items every now and then. This is one free way how to get more PokeBalls in Pokemon GO.

You can receive a limited amount of PokeBalls from PokeStops at one time. To get more PokeBalls from the same PokeStop, you have to come back about 10 or 15 minutes later. If you visit the same PokeStop often you will get reduced PokeBalls, but you still usually get three or four PokeBalls at least.

There are also other ways how to get extra PokeBalls for free. You also can get extra PokeBalls by levelling up. As you level up you will get new PokeBalls for free from time to time. Leveling up is an excellent way to get more PokeBalls, because you normally will be gifted more than 10 PokeBalls at one time. Here were some tips how to get more PokeBalls in Pokemon GO for free.

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