How To Catch Pokemon Without Moving Pokemon Go Glitch

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This glitch does work in theory, meaning that it does reset the timer. I think that the effects also reset with the timer but I have not done this enough to make solid evidence. I am not sure how effective this is, but I can say that all the Pokemon I caught in this video were caught without even leaving my house. I don’t know if it is more effective if you move around or stay still.

Incense in Pokemon Go attracts Pokemon to your location and it only works for you, unlike lures. I personally find it more practical to go to a place where there are a lot of people putting down lures near many close-by pokestops. However, if you are anti-social or don’t want to leave the house, this glitch may be for you.

Tell me how it works for you guys in the comments below.

Message to the creators of the app (Niantic Inc, The Pokemon Company, etc.): If you have a problem with my video, please contact me through my business email and we can resolve it quickly.

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