How To Get Unlimited Free Incense In Pokemon Go Unlimited Pokemon Go Incense Hack/ Glitch

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Hey guys, here is another pokemon GO hack. In this video, i show you how to increase or reset the time of your incense so that you can use incense as much as you like. And this method work for both Android and IOS devices!
On pokemon GO use incense.
———————STEP 2—————–
When the timer is about to finish, go to your settings and go to Date and time and the uncheck the “Set the date and time automatically” box. Now decrease the time!
—————–Step 3—————————
Open pokemon go, and look at the time of incense!! You can use this method as much as you like. In this way, you can get unlimited incense pokemon GO.

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A video on how to get unlimited incense so that you can catch pokemon easily in Pokémon GO!
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