POKEMON GO Flaming Butt Head Hunt Evolution Tricks Lure Module & Incense FGTEEV #8 CITY ON FIRE

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Duddy tries out 3 Lure Modules & Incense all at once to see what cool things will come up! We catch our first Magmar, Growlithe & Arbok. We also do a Lucky Egg for 30 Minutes while we evolve a ton of new Pokemon! We talk about the Evee Evolution trick, nickname an Evee to get a specific evolution before you evolve! Flareon = Nickname it PYRO, Vaporeon Nickname it RAINER = & Jolteon Nickname it SPARKY! Woohoo, wonder if there will be nickname tricks for Espeon & Umbreon. Also make sure you unleash the power of the Lucky Egg when you are doing high level gym battles, catching new pokemon, evolving pokemon or even if you are around a ton of Pokestops, you’ll get double XP for 30 minutes as you know and those are the fastest way to beef up your level meter! Curve Balls add xp too so shake your Poke ball around before you throw it and aim a little further out with a curve. Duddy has so many Magikarp we could see a cool Gyardos Video coming out soon! 🙂 Thumbs up for POKEMON GO Part 8 w/ FGTEEV Fam!

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