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Whether you’ve never caught a Pok√©mon go hack before or you’ve been collecting these creatures since childhood, you’ll quickly get introduced to the Pok√©mon of this world after starting the game. (Heck, the very first screen you see after logging in is of a giant Gyarados menacing an unaware player, as a warning to stay alert while playing.) At the start, you’ll only be able to catch Nintendo’s original lineup of Pok√©mon ‚ÄĒ those found in the Red, Blue, and Yellow titles ‚ÄĒ though we expect expansions to appear as the game grows and works out the bugs.

Pok√©mon come in variety of types, shapes, and Of the over 100 Pok√©mon available for capture, you’ll find creatures of the Fairy, Psychic, Electric, Grass, Water, Ghost, Bug, Rock, Ground, Poison, Flying, and Normal pokemon go android hack. We haven’t spotted any Legendary Pok√©mon quite yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there hiding. As you walk around in the real world, your avatar moves along the map using GPS. When a Pok√©mon is close enough to capture, it pops up on your screen. Since walking around with your eyes glued to your phone is a bit of a safety hazard, the game is designed to allow you to keep your eyes free while you wander. You can keep your phone at your side while you walk; when you are near a Pok√©mon, you’ll get a notification in the form of a vibration and (if your sound is turned on) the Pok√©mon’s unique call.

You can then move to a safe location (if you were walking along a friend, for instance), and tap the visible Pok√©mon to capture it. Tapping zooms in on your avatar and launches an augmented reality experience with the Pok√©mon dancing around amidst your surroundings. If you don’t see it on the screen immediately in front of you, move your device around until free pokecoins appear. (There are arrows on the side of the screen to guide you in the right direction.) If AR makes you nauseous or you don’t want your battery drained, you can always turn the feature off in the upper right corner. Once you’ve found the Pok√©mon, it’s time to throw a Pok√© Ball to try and capture it. You “throw” in game by tapping and holding on your Pok√© Ball; a glowing, shrinking ring appears then around the Pok√©mon. When the ring gets to its smallest, you want to flick your Pok√© Ball directly toward the creature (with the aim of bopping it on the head) and release your finger; if successful, you’ll capture the Pok√©mon inside.

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