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Pokemon Go Coins Hack !! -2017

Once the user arrives on the scam site, they are asked for their Pokemon Go user name and the amount of coins they want. So far, no scam we’ve seen asks for the user’s Pokemon Go password. Some scams claim to have additional features, like a special anti-ban guarantee. However, the site simply plays a video before asking for the final the “human verification.”

This verification process requires the user to fill in surveys, install applications, or sign up for services. If the user follows the scammers’ instructions, they don’t receive free PokeCoins. Instead, the scammers earn money for the user’s participation through an affiliate program. According to the statistics of the scams’ shortened URLs, a few thousand people have clicked on each link.
Other scammers ask the user to manually share a message on Twitter or Facebook in order to receive free PokeCoins. However, no matter how many times the user spreads the message, they’re never receive any PokeCoins.

So stay away from game-cheating tools, as they could be fraudulent or may contain malware.
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>> Pokemon Go Generator <<