Pokémon GO | How To Hit Level 1 40 F2P In 30 Days Using ONLY Friendship | 20 Million XP In 1 Day

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Pokemon GO How To Hit Level 1 – 40 F2P In 30 Days Using Only Friendship! 20 Million XP In 1 Day! Pokémon GO High Level F2P Gameplay! ★ With the addition of friendship in Pokemon GO, Niantic has also given us some ridiculous XP rates for hitting Ultra & Best Friend status! With careful planning, you can go all the way from Level 1 to Level 40 F2P using just the friendship system alone!

This video goes over how you are able to perform such an incredible feat. Lot’s of careful planning, and coordination is required though, so keep in mind that this is still going to take a lot of time investment! However, in comparison to the other ways to gain XP, this is by far the BEST & FASTEST method in game!

I will be using this method to get myself to Level 40 F2P on my new account, since Niantic wrongfully banned my main last month. Even after appealing multiple times, they just sent me automated responses. It was a depressing time for me, but because of that low, I was able to come up with this insanely awesome way of getting XP! 😉

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