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Pokemon Hack/Mod 2016 [No root/Jb need]

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Pokemon Go Tips Best Way To Use Incense Rare Pokemon

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In this video I will be teaching you on how to use incense to find rare pokemon.
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Incense Pokemon GO 30 Minutes Test by Best Android Gameplay.
Using Incense in Pokemon Go is actually very easy. Just follow these
-From the main screen, open your bag (on the bottom left corner)
-Access your items (icon on the far right inside the bag menu).
-Scroll down to the Incense if you have any.
-Tap the incense and they will appear on your screen.
-Tap the incense a second time to activate it.
Once you’ve activated your Incense, your Pokemon Go character will have a pinkish-purple mist swirling around them. That indicates that the Incense is currently active. On top of that, you’ll see the Incense icon in the top right corner of the screen with a timer. Incense last for 30 minutes.

You’ll want to plan your incense use for when you can dedicate a full 30 minutes to the game. The timer goes down even if you’re not actively playing. That means closing down the game doesn’t stop the timer. Server issues, closing the game to accept a phone call, or your battery dying isn’t going to stop it either. In fact, nothing stops the timer so be ready to waste some of it if you have to close out the game.

The core idea of an Incense is to bring Pokemon to your location. They are popular because Pokemon will show up without you having to go outside, move around, or do anything special. There are a few fun facts to note when it comes to using

Incense last for 30 minutes.
Incense will draw random Pokemon to your location. They will not draw Pokemon that are on your “Nearby” map to where you are. You still have to go hunting for those.
Pokemon will show up once every five minutes if you’re not moving. Thus, you can get about six chances to catch Pokemon every time you pop an incense.
The source code that’s been published here suggests that Incense will draw one Pokemon per minute to your location if you’re traveling around 200 meters per minute. This hasn’t been confirmed as truth, but players have reported that incense tend to draw Pokemon to your location more frequently when you are moving. It should be noted that 200 meters per minute is quite a brisk pace. If you want to try this out for yourself, you’ll likely have to drive and we recommend that you bring a friend to play your phone for you. Safety first, always!
According to multiple reports, Incense are only given out at Pokestops after you have achieved level five.




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TOP 3 BEST HACKING APPS FOR IOS Working January 2020 Title Changed

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Hi guys, this is a sequel to a video I did in April about some hacking apps.

Here’s a super easy and free way to get started spoofing Pokemon Go on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for free using iSpoofer!

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Best Pokemon GO Hack Ever + Crashfix

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Best Pokemon Go PokeGO++ :
or Open up for Tutorial for Bypassing Jailbreak
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Step 1: From your iPhone, go on Cydia
Step 2: Add the following
Step 3: Using the Search feature, look for Masterball and install it

Trial version of tsProtector 8+ from the BigBoss repo
PokePatch from
Xcon jailbreak bypasser

This should help you to bypass the jailbreak detection and also give you the best hack available right now. It includes : Tap to walk , pokemap , patrol , maphack , autowalk ….

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BEST WAY TO GET FREE POKEBALLS!! Today we play Pokemon Go! I needed to find more pokeballs to continue playing Pokemon Go, so I decided to bring you Fries on my journey to the park. Enjoyed? Drop a like! Want to see more? Then make sure to subscribe to become a Frie today!!

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